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Commercial/Hotel Door Access Lock/Key Card Solutions

Our range of hospitality locks use the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D) technology, otherwise known as “Contact less” technology. The key card is merely placed in the proximity of the lock rather than being swiped. Contact less locks have numerous benefits over the traditional magnetic stripe locks, including:

  • Unlimited lifespan of the key cards. This is due to the elimination of damage caused by friction between the magnetic stripe and the lock. The average lifespan of the magnetic stripe key card is 300 uses.
  • Magnetic stripes can be easily de-magnetized especially when placed in the guest’s pocket near a mobile phone. The card is therefore rendered useless.
  • Extensive data storage capacity enabling the contact less key cards to hold up to 5 x more information than the magnetic key cards. This is extremely beneficial for establishments that allow guests access to different areas. E.g. Hotel room, gymnasium and bar area.

Door Access Lock in UAE

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